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We Woke

It's been a crazy couple of years and listening to the news just makes things even more stressful.

Woke. How the F*$% is being awake to the the truth of the world a bad thing? At its core, that's what being "woke" is. It's like the freakin' Matrix! Once your eyes are opened to reality, you cant look at anything then same way.

I love the concept of We Work, a place where you can do your own things but still interact with a community of others trying to build themselves into something new.

We Woke... yes, it's a parody, I'm not infringing on copyrights here. But it's also a tribute to We Work and all the good they've done (yes, we all saw the movie, but it's still a great idea)

So lets co-locate our social concise and come together.

Oh, and buy my t-shirt!


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