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T-Shirts?, really?


Aren't there enough t-shirt companies, brand developers and hipster-influencers out there already?

Yes, there are. So, why turn this company away from web design and start over with t-shirts? I ask myself this question a lot. Covid shut-down and the mess that was 2020 made me look at what I like, what I love, and how I want to interact with my world. Not going into an office everyday, I found myself digging through my old print T's and realizing each one held a memory, a meaning and a smile. And when I did go out in public, my shirt, or someone else's shirt was always a great conversation started..

HipsterDaddy is all about design. Design is all about solving problems, delivering messages, and creating a mood.

So, here we go! We may start off a little shaky and it may take some time to find our way. but that's true for anything.

At HipsterDaddy, you'll find both; custom shirts, products, apparel and curated collections of cool stuff. Got an idea, we'd love to hear it!

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