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RedBubble? TeeSpring?

There are so many places to buy cool shirts and gear. Your dollars have plenty of options to find the shirt that fits you, both physically and emotionally. HipsterDaddy is producing t-shirts and other gear as a print-on-demand company right now and as such we are also trying to leverage some of the other options out there on the internet. So, we are also placing some of our products on sites like RedBubble and TeeSpring.

Now, doesnt that mean we are competing with ourself? Well, yes, and no. These online shops offer a wider range of products, some that HipsterDaddy can't offer through our shop and some that we just dont think our fans would want. As such, we will monitor who clicks on and or buys certain products. For example: I'm not sure our designs suite "leggings" but on some of these sites, we offer that option. And if we find that people are clicking it or even buying it, you bet we'll change our store to suite our fans' interest.

At HipsterDaddy, we are admittedly still finding our way. We have a lot of design ideas, collected art works and more. But it can only be rolled out so fast. We'd love more feedback to help us stay on the right track so contact us with ideas, issues or any random feedback. And please shop any of our stores.

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