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I'm Feeling Some Kinda Way

What does that even mean?

This saying was really starting to bother me. Say what kind of way you feel! What would you even bother saying something about how you feel if you are not going to say how you feel? "I'm feeling some kinda way" Ugh.

The more I started talking about how much I disliked this saying, the more I started hearing it, and the more it was starting to make sense... Feelings are complex issues that dont always fall into specific categories and you are aware of feeling something, and possible feeling conflicted or unsure. So yes, Feeling some kinda way. Other times you want to state that you have emotions about something, but you dont want to get into a detailed discussion about it all.

So, Who cares what it "Means" it means something to you and that's good enough. Enjoy our new shirts and feel how you want to feel about it.

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