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Fine art t-shirts? Who’s going to buy that?

Hi, I’m Jim Faris. I’m a fine artist, web designer and a musician. And I’m the founder of HipsterDaddy. I founded HipsterDaddy as an umbrella for my freelance design business and group of designers and developers that I work with. And yes, I still do this kind of work, learn more at JinxUOMe, but these days i’m more focused on connecting with people through my art work and my design work. So, I’m converting HipsterDaddy into a clothing design shop. And our first focus is on t-shirts.

Now, as for the question of fine art. I’ve created a lot of works that are both digital and physical. I’ve heard from a lot of folks that they want to buy a piece of my work, but often, the piece they want is a digital piece, and they want something physical. Or they just want to further support and share my work with others… so how about a t-shirt?

I’ve had so many great conversations started by someone looking at my printed shirt and interacting. Sharing art on the street can be as powerful as displaying your favorite sports team, and a bit less divisive.

So, enjoy some of my art… some funny, dumb or insightful saying, or some cool curated designs.

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