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A t-shirt will not save the world, we all know that. But every voice, every sign, every protest will add up. I'm a dad, a HipsterDaddy, but a dad. My kids are in constant danger from guns. It's not that schools are not safe, my kids go to movies, restaurants and now...protests. Both my wife and I have had to throw our bodies over our children in public to prevent harm from coming to them first.

As an artist and as a musician, I have avoided including politics and social issues into my work. This is odd for an artist. But I wanted to bring whimsy, fun and love into my work. But my days are spent at protest and demonstrations. It is time for all to rise up and firmly say where they stand on all issues.

Hipsterdaddy is just one little t-shirt outlet. Go to RedBubble or CafePress or wherever you get your shirts and where your concise on you chest and engage in peace and love.

P.S. Send me any t-shirt ideas that you feel you need to express, we'll be happy to help out.

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