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Didn't I see this somewhere before?

Yes, you did. As a web designer by trade for many years, one accumulates many resources and one of them happens to be URL names. My original intention was to switch JinxUOMe web design shop into to being a full time T-Shirt company, but in reality, I still do a lot of web design, so the JinxUOMe make will go back to being a web design company.

But what about this t-shirtcompany.... Well, the HipsterDaddy name has been floating around in my bucket of resources for a while and has been used to market, curate and sell a few different lifestyle products; sweaters, skate gear and such. So it only seemed like a natural fit for it to become the brand name for this clothing brand.

And this time, I'm putting my face on it! that who know me will recognize that logo as me!

This is going to be fun!

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